About the Owner

            Chantilly DeA’nne Cross is the  owner/chef of Elegant Cuisines, a traveling personal chef and catering company based in the DC/Maryland/Virginia (DMV) area. In addition to impressing the palate of countless “foodies”, Chantilly pays her talents forward as a children’s culinary instructor teaching the next generation the science behind cooking.

            Always around food and children, Chantilly got an early glimpse of her future. Young Chantilly would somehow find her way to the kitchen and eagerly assist alongside her grandmother, father, and others. Her sweet, funny secret was; she helped out because it ensured she could eat the delights first, not because she loved to cook! Little did Chantilly realize, the stage for her destiny was being set.

            While in high school, Chantilly watch TV like millions of other teens, but her programs of choice were- Great Chefs and Great Chefs of the World. Chantilly became clear on her passion and soon knew she wanted to be a chef. However, a part of her wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a teacher, even if not full-time.

            Chantilly went on to study Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of Atlanta and received an Associate’s Degree. She then earned a Bachelor’s of  Science Degree in Culinary Management from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. Now an award-winning chef, celebrity chef, teacher, and entrepreneur. Elegant Cuisines has been featured in BlackEnterprise.com, “11 Black Owned Businesses You Should Know and Support.” Also, nominated for the Best Personal Chef/Caterer in the DMV. 

            Chantilly has been able to merge her passion for cooking and teaching. In the same spirit, this native of Montezuma, Georgia marries Southern hospitality with a touch of elegance via Elegant Cuisines. Beyond the public acclaim, Chantilly is most proud to hold the titles of: daughter to Willie and Cornelia Oliver, sister, wife, and mother of 1.

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